Quo Vadis, China? - 2018

LIMEDex China Country Report 2018
Quo Vadis, China?

This special country report shall provide an overview of Chinese Medtech sector activities, its interaction with foreign manufacturers and importer of high-tech products. We sought explanations to the question "Quo Vadis, China?" in respect of the emerging Chinese "worldview" and President Xi Jinping - it is recommended to apply it as the essential guiding principle for any aspirational China business strategy.

Understanding China's geopolitical and economic new bearing is not an easy undertaking, but an essential one. Particularly, when one is striving for commercial success in this market in the years to come. In this 16-page report, we  

  • Reflected the new policies e.g. "China First", "Made in China 2025", “China-centric-norms” 
  • Attempted to stratify "China's Worldview" and its overarching impacts on the international MedTech industry
  • Outlined China's push and desire in becoming a global innovation leader in Medtech by 2035.
  • Reflected  and analyzed the current dynamics of the domestic Medtech industry behavior and market
  • Highlighted specific challenges for foreign Medtech players in China
  • Examined in detail the international in- and outbound Medtech trade between China and its core partners
  • Briefly highlighted key business opportunities for foreign Medtech companies invested in China 
  • ... and more

Valuable contributions were made by Dr. Urs Mattes, Asia Director of Cendres+Métaux S.A. (also CC+ Advisory Board Member for the Asian Region)  and Mr. Nicolas Musy, Founding Partner, China Integrated Ltd., - both based in Shanghai, China - regarding deep industry insights and discussions.

Publication date: April 6th, 2018


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